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Adam Ritsch

Adam Ritsch is a Fire Captain/Paramedic assigned to a busy downtown Ladder Company in a medium-sized metro fire department in Southeast Virginia. His current firehouse is also one of the Special Operations stations, which houses the department’s Technical Rescue Team. Further, he is a member of the Hampton Roads Incident Management Team, where he serves in the Logistics Component. He has been in the fire service since 2009 when he began his career as a Volunteer Firefighter in a small rural fire department. Adam has been fortunate in his career and assigned to busy engine and ladder companies, including the Downtown and the Resort Oceanfront Borough. He has worked as a technician on the technical rescue team and has been assigned to the Fire Training Center as a full-time staff member. Adam teaches numerous disciplines and classes for the Virginia Department of Fire Programs. Still, he is passionate about ladder company operations, vehicle extrication, Mayday, command and control, and RIT company operations. During his tenure, Adam has been fortunate to have been allowed to help direct the path his department’s Mayday and RIT training has taken. He has helped to develop the department’s Advanced Mayday and RIT curriculum that is delivered to both recruits and incumbents. Adam has been a product specialist, selling fire equipment throughout Southeast Virginia. Lastly, Adam has served in numerous roles to help ensure the department remains progressive through different committees. Committees he has served on include the Ladder Committee, Uniform Committee, NFIRS Committee, and Fire & EMS Report System Committee. He currently holds the position of Chair of the SOP Committee.

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