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Adam Ritsch

Adam Ritsch is a Fire Captain/Paramedic assigned to a busy downtown Ladder Company in a medium-sized metro fire department in Southeast Virginia. His current firehouse is also one of the Special Operations stations, which houses the Technical Rescue Team. Previously, Adam was a fire equipment sales specialist, providing demos and training to departments throughout Virginia. These training and demonstration events included extrication techniques, new and advanced metal cutting and pushing techniques, and hydraulic tool operations. Further, as part of the Technical Rescue Team, he can train on complex incidents and advanced-level extrication techniques. These experiences include vehicles into buildings, trenches, or requiring rope access. Adam has also taught at the Mid-Atlantic Vehicle Extrication School for the past two years, where he has been assigned to the Extrication with Ropes section. Adam also teaches at a national-level school, where he teaches in the Lifting and Moving team, concentrating on heavy lifts using “simple machines,” such as levers and incline planes. Lastly, Adam’s passions within vehicle extrication include rigging, heavy lifting and moving, and electric and alternative-fueled vehicles.

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