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Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards is currently an Apparatus Technician (Driver) with a large metropolitan fire department in Northern Virginia assigned to engine company 436 out of the Frying Pan Station. Edwards grew up around the volunteer fire department that his family started in 1926 in a small town in southern New Jersey. He officially began to volunteer in 2004 and climbed to the rank of station captain and training officer. In 2008 He started down his path as a fire service instructor, working part-time at the local fire academy. In 2010 Edwards moved to Northern Virginia to start his career as a paid Firefighter with Loudoun County Fire Rescue. During his time with Loudoun County, he spent many hours teaching his career and volunteering with department members at the training academy, where he is still employed as a part-time instructor. In 2014 he moved next door to Fairfax County. Along with his regular daily assignment, Edwards is also a member of Virginia Task Force 1/USA1 as a Logistics Specialist and CDL Driver.  Edwards is also the lead Respiratory Protection Specialist for the county and the lead Scott 3m SCBA and Compressor Repair Technician/Trainer. He is also an adjunct instructor at the fire academy and an IAFF Peer Fitness trainer.

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