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Fire Attack: The Nozzle Team

8-30 Hours

This class aims to give firefighters of every level an opportunity for functional, hands-on training to reinforce the fundamentals of fire attack and to work as a “nozzle team.”  Our program features a three-phased approach beginning with a multimedia presentation that is tailored to the specific region where the class is being held.  The presentation will include the topics listed below and a video breakdown of hose stretches, nozzle handling, front porch drills, and other engine company skills performed by our highly trained and experienced instructor cadre.  Students will be given access to this presentation a week before the class so they may brush up on these basic skills at their firehouse. 


Phase 2 will be the “hands-on skill reinforcement” phase.  The students will be divided into three groups, each focusing on one of the three core engine company skill sets hose line deployment, flowing water and moving as a nozzle team, and versatile engine company skills.  At each station, the students will be video recorded on their phone, personal camera, or digital camera provided by Interstate Rescue so they can have instant playback and constructive critique of their performance by one of our instructors.  The course will culminate in each student participating in a simulated “box alarm” drill.  Students will be split into engine crews and perform a fire attack on the Interstate Rescue house prop.

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