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Heavy Vehicle Rescue

30 Hours

This three-day program will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and ability required to operate successfully at one of these incidents.  Day one will begin with a classroom presentation on performing a load assessment and developing a stabilization and lifting plan.  From there, students will get orientated to the rescue equipment they will use in an in-depth tool lab.  Day two's hands-on training allows students to apply these skills in a rear trailer under-ride, tractor over-ride, lost load, and heavy vehicle over-turn scenarios.  Instructors will work with students to guide them through these scenarios to access the load, develop a plan, and apply the equipment similar to what they have on their trucks.  Day three will begin with our signature Performance Under Pressure lecture, discussing human behavior and how that affects our ability to operate a complex heavy vehicle incident.  Students will be broken into crews and given a reality-based scenario involving a heavy vehicle.  These scenarios will reinforce and test the knowledge, skills, and abilities learned throughout the class.

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