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Introduction to Heavy Vehicle Rescue

10 Hours

More than 400,000 accidents per year involving large trucks result in over 130,00 Injuries and 12,000 fatalities.  Incidents involving large trucks present a unique challenge to rescuers due to their large size, heavy weight, and contents.  This one-day program will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and ability required to operate successfully at one of these incidents.  Participants will begin their day with a classroom presentation on performing a load assessment and developing a stabilization and lifting plan.  The afternoon hands-on training starts with an in-depth Tool lab where instructors work with students to enhance their understanding of the abilities and limitations of their rescue tools.  We complete the day by having students apply these skills in a rear-trailer under-ride scenario.  Instructors will work with students to guide them through this scenario to access the load, develop a plan, and effect a rescue. 

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