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Performance Under Pressure:
Passenger Vehicle Extrication School

30 Hours

This comprehensive and intense three-day, 30-hour course is designed to provide firefighters with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to quickly and effectively extricate a patient, no matter the scenario.   The classroom presentation will cover the latest technologies and advancements in vehicle construction, including the use of high-strength materials and advanced safety systems. Firefighters will learn how to identify potential hazards and how to safely and efficiently extricate passengers in a variety of situations.  The hands-on training will provide firefighters with the opportunity to practice and master extrication procedures for vehicles in various positions. This will include techniques for extricating a car on its wheels, a car on its side, and a car on its roof. Firefighters will also learn how to stabilize and lift vehicles to remove passengers safely.  The course will conclude with a complex multi-level scenario where firefighters will be required to apply all the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout the course. The scenario will test their ability to assess a complex extrication situation, make quick decisions, and work efficiently as a team to extricate passengers safely.

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